Taupo Cycle Challenge

Lake Taupo

Pilgrim Bandits New Zealand will be cycling 160km around Lake Taupo on the 14th November 2020. Originally organised as massive event, sadly it fell victim to Covid-19 and was cancelled. Our Bandits were practicing and doing the hard yards prior to the event so we decided to do it on our own. Our people will …

Pilgrim Bandits Everest Challenge

Mount Parihaka, Whangarei Drummond Park, Wangarei

Our amazing sponsors Please take a minute to check out our amazing sponsors Click on the link below for the rules The Caleb Jennings Everest Summit Challenge Rules Always a little further Update 12/11/20 We have a very special guest joining our Everest challenge Bob Parr MBE ( google him) 6 time Emmy award winner …

$25.00 – $100