Pilgrim Bandits New Zealand to set up First Responder wellness programme ‘The Mathew Hunt Programme’


Following the great success of the Curtis Palmer Project run by Pilgrim Bandits in the UK. PBNZ intends to set up a similar project here in New Zealand. On the 30th July 2021 (Matt’s Birthday) With the full support of Matt’s family and friends, Pilgrim Bandits NZ will launch The Matt Hunt Programme.

Any Police Officer or First Responder can apply to be a part of it and benefit from the activities we run. You will be put alongside ex Military people and have some great experiences both in New Zealand and abroad (Covid-19 pending) designed to help you deal with stress, PTSD and physical injury.

Pilgrim Bandits NZ is an NZ registered and based charity, we are part of the International Pilgrim Bandits family. If you travel on one of our overseas trips you will likely be with people from the UK, USA and Canada.

Many Police Force’s and First Responder’s employer’s sickness costs are extremely high and one of the main reasons is PTSD, anxiety and stress. By taking these people and using the ethos of the Special Forces we ask them to go “Always a little further” in extreme environments, instilling self worth, confidence, teamwork and a positive mental attitude. No sympathy is given just support and teamwork.


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