Jason Laverock, our Wellington Coordinator. Jason is a teacher in Wellington with a passion for our services personnel. Jason comes from a Police family and is well used to the stresses and strains put on the family by a parents service to his or her country.

I grew up in the Police family. My first part time job was in the Met Police Sports and Social Club at Imber Court. My father’s service inspired me to think about a similar career path and I chose the Army. I won a place at Sandhurst but was unable to take it up when a medical board identified a back issue/injury which ruled out a military career before it got started! However, a career in teaching History amongst other things has helped maintain a lifelong interest in police and military affairs and history. 
I attended a recent event in Christchurch and loved the crack. I’m really looking forward to making a contribution from here in Wellington, through the fundraising side and the planning of events which will bring Pilgrim Bandits together.