Crete Expedition May 2023 Part 1


After a long flight from NZ the team arrived in Chania, Crete. A couple of days R&R to recuperate and get over the Jet Lag. Then we were into it.  George our host at the Niiris Hotel was fantastic and very knowledgeable about the BoC (Battle of Crete) and gave us lots of advice on our tour. Sean Johnstone and John Irwin had been talking with our Leadership team for upwards of 6 months prior to arrival, carrying out reccies of various parts of our planned walk. 


The initial idea came from a conversation with Ben Lockie whose Grandfather had served in the BoC. As it would transpire Ben was unable to come on this trip but followed it closely.


Fundraising was carried out throughout the year, with help from some amazing people. Jono Hilditch did a great job raising over 10K towards a trip that he did not go on. A very generous donation from an ex SAS member also boosted our fundraising. Comfort Socks NZ Ltd donated several pairs of their very Comfy socks for our team. Army and Outdoors in Christchurch gave us a discount on our uniforms and patches.

So with all the airfares paid, hotel booked we were off on our first overseas NZ led Expedition to walk the escape route across the White Mountains of Crete!


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