Mission Statement

Registered as a charity on 1 March 2010 by ex-Special Forces Members in the United Kingdom, with the view to provide challenges and obstacles that would serve to strengthen the spirit of injured servicemen and women and those from the emergency services. Our New Zealand branch was registered as a New Zealand Charity on the 11th August 2019.

By working with Pilgrim Bandits, they are pushed to new limits, both physically and mentally, which in turn starts to rebuild belief and confidence in one’s own ability again

But for some of those we support, just to smile or to enjoy the company of others, is an almost insurmountable task which enables them to talk again about their experiences and share their new experiences with children and young people by working with schools, colleges, care centres inspiring them to believe  life is obtainable after injury.

Pilgrim Bandits raises funds for expeditions, and grants which provide injured service personnel and emergency services personnel with specialist sports equipment and wheelchairs.

The Pilgrim Bandits will never ask for your charity… but, we will ask for your support. Always A Little Further