Crete Expedition May 2023 Part 2


The first few days were tough for the guys who had endured the long flights and layovers to get to Crete, still, they were able to venture out to the local beach and cafe. The following day we set off for the Souda Bay Cemetery, a somber place with many Kiwis interred there. Everyone was now fully aware of the significance of our trip.

The Niiris Hotel is situated on the site of the old POW camp. the picture of the beach shows part of the camp area.


The Souda Bay Cemetery is for the Allied soldiers, a beautiful setting at the head of Souda Bay. A great view of it can be had from the steep road to the Airport. We wandered around the graves placing a single Poppy on each Kiwi grave. It was very peaceful and respectful.

Following a somber morning , we headed into old Chania. A well preserved ancient port that would have been a major trading hub in its day. The ruins of the old docks were great fun to explore, we even found the ancient dunnies! No loo paper though!

The next day George (our host at the Niiris Hotel) took us on a walking tour of the POW camp on our doorstep. Showing us gun emplacements, the old “Special Forces Barracks” and the cliffs where the Germans executed people and threw they into the sea.

Coming up, our visit to Maleme, the Travonitis Bridge, The German Cemetry, a visit to an underground museum, our recreation of the evacuation walk across the mountains and the Commemorations.



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