Logan Parish ex NZ Army

Logan Parish

Dear Pilgrims NZ

Arthur’s pass 2022
Last week my family had the privilege to join the Pilgrim team on an outing to the south island. Our mission was to head to Dilion’s hut in Arthurs pass.
Due to weather we had to change plans and we relocated to Waitua Lodge.
We drove down and met up with the Pilgrim team, made ourselves at home and setup with lots of food and water.
The team were very welcoming and enthusiastic to know more about us and we really enjoyed the new faces and great chats.
The team went out for an over night walk while my wife, child and I stayed behind to enjoy the beautiful scenery. We spent the time exploring the Waitua mining area which was enlightening and the break from reality was much needed.
After everyone was back in Loc we had some great yarns and heard some amazing stories of peoples lives.
We felt so welcomed and happy to be part of an amazing, positive group of people from all walks of life.
We hope to join them again in the future.
Thank you Pilgrim family for being supportive and motivating for us.

Kind Regards
The Parish Family