Woodcutting Fundraiser – working hard for the money


Our wonderful Christchurch Area Volunteers spent over 4 hours in the searing heat chainsawing and splitting wood for funds for the Charity.

Thankyou so much to Tony James, Mary Harborne, Jill Murdie-Phillip, Steve Carruthers and his 2 sons, Sam Cullimore, Ross and Amy Baynes with Sam and Emma, Mark Appleton and Bruce Blackburn.

 A huge Thankyou also to Peter Knight from Peter Knight Contracting who brought his super log splitter over for us to use and spent the day also splitting wood. 

Final Thanks also go out to Mark Kiely (gonzo) who has spent many hours before this event chainsawing these logs in preparation for the working bee. 
Without this type of support for our Volunteers, Pilgrim Bandits wouldn’t be able to do what we do for our Pilgrims.

We are looking for volunteers throughout New Zealand so if you can help, pm us on Messenger via the Pilgrim Bandits New Zealand Facebook page or www.pilgrimbandits.co.nz website, and we will link you in to an area co ordinator near you Thankyou.



1 thought on “Woodcutting Fundraiser – working hard for the money”

  1. Amy says:

    A great day, with great company for a greay cause

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